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We are staying right here for our patients during this difficult shutdown. We will continue to remain open during the shutdown for routine and urgent care We’re open for appointments. Please read our safety protocols here.


Eye-Catching Glasses in Toronto: Classic & Contemporary

Do you favor a sophisticated, casual, artsy or elegant style? Nowadays, glasses are a trendy accessory. At Corktown Eyecare, we feature the most popular brands in designer optical fashion from around the world. So whatever your personal style preference may be, we have the perfect pair of designer frames for you!

We Are Family-Friendly!

Your Downtown Toronto Optometrist Welcomes Children of All Ages

Kids are not mini-adults, they are unique – with a unique set of visual considerations and conditions. To serve your children with the specialized services that they need, we offer pediatric eye exams in Downtown Toronto. Our eye doctor is highly qualified and experienced in treating kids, and we will inspect their entire visual system for any signs of a problem.

Kid-Friendly Frame Lines

Does your child have myopia? This vision condition, better known as nearsightedness, is very common in kids and easily corrected by eyeglasses. We stock our optical collection with fun, trendy, and durable frames – with glasses to satisfy the pickiest child’s tastes and the most active child’s lifestyle.

Myopia Control

When myopia worsens continuously and the numbers of your child’s vision prescription start to climb higher and higher, it’s time to discuss myopia control with our Downtown Toronto optometrist. Research has shown a strong link between high myopia and the development of dangerous eye diseases later in life. In response, many eye care professionals are currently recommending myopia control for kids. A few types of myopia control are available, such as ortho-k lenses, soft multifocal contact lenses, and atropine eye drops. To learn more, book a consultation with our expert eye doctor.

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Pediatric Eye Exams

According to experts, 80% of learning is visual which can affect school performance. A comprehensive exam for young children is an absolute must to ensure proper development and healthy eyes.

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Specialty Contact Lenses

Challenges such as astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus and dry eyes needn’t be a barrier to contact lens wear, but they do require more time and patience.

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Contact Lenses

Our eye care expert in Downtown Toronto will be happy to assist you with contact lenses eye exam & fitting. At our optical we offer a wide range of contact lenses to fit your vision needs.


Eye Disease – Full Management & Frontline Treatments

If your eye exam in Downtown Toronto leads to a diagnosis of eye disease, we will provide precise and personalized treatment. Our eye doctor provides full management for many serious ocular conditions, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. In order to ensure that you are benefiting from the most effective and progressive treatments possible, we will perform regular eye exams to monitor for any changes. This is the best way to prevent complications and future vision loss. Call us for an eye exam near you!

3 Things That Make Our Downtown Toronto Eye Care Centre Unique


Our entire Downtown Toronto eye care team is dedicated to you and your vision. We have a deep and detailed understanding of how the eye works, and we use this knowledge to optimize the health of your eyes and clarity of your eyesight.



Medicine and medical technology are continuously advancing, and you deserve an eye doctor who keeps up with the latest diagnostics and treatments. We use the newest optometric technologies to perform comprehensive eye exams and offer you the best care.


Our optical collection is unique. We spend hours curating all the trending, contemporary eyeglasses options, so you don’t need to! Our optical staff understands that it can be challenging to narrow down your choices when faced with so many fashionable frames.

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Meet Our Doctor

Our eye doctor in Downtown Toronto uses first-rate skill and top-of-the-line technologies, such as OCT scans and digital retinal imaging, to keep a close watch on your vision condition. When it comes to treating eye disease, you can put your eyes in our expert, trusted hands at Corktown Eyecare.

Our Designer Frames

An eye emergency doesn’t always mean you need to rush to the hospital. Our eye doctor in Downtown Toronto provides urgent eye care for a broad range of ocular emergencies, including eye infections, eye injuries, contact with a hazardous substance, and removing a foreign object stuck in your eye. From red, irritated eyes to experiencing a sudden loss of vision, we’ll handle your eye emergency.

If you suffer any type of trauma to your eyes, do not delay – contact us immediately to book an immediate eye exam in Downtown Toronto. We will evaluate your condition closely and treat it to prevent complications and alleviate any painful symptoms. If you require medical attention from an eye surgeon, we will refer you to a local leading specialist.

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