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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Downtown Toronto

Eye Exams for Your Entire Family

Have you been pushing off scheduling eye exams for you and your family because nobody is complaining?  Many people mistakenly believe that it this is the correct thing to do – however, it is far from the recommended guidelines for when to schedule an eye exam!

According to eye care professionals, routine comprehensive eye exams are the best way to protect the long-lasting health of your eyes and vision. That’s because many common ocular conditions do not usually cause symptoms until they have progressed to a later, more dangerous stage. Unfortunately, once that happens there may already be irreversible damage to your eyes. To delay is to put your eyes at risk – contact us to book your Downtown Toronto eye exam today!

What Happens During a Routine Eye Exam?

Our skilled and experienced eye doctor, Dr. Sanjay Vakani, will perform a variety of tests and procedures to inspect your visual acuity and the health of your eyes. Every individual and every set of eyes is unique – which is why our eye exams in Downtown Toronto are personalized to address your stage of life, specific medical issues, and vision condition. In order to enjoy sharp and healthy sight for as long as possible, it is essential to visit regularly so we can keep watch on how your vision changes as you age - from childhood through adulthood.

Dr. Vakani will use high-powered magnification to check your inner eye tissues and optic nerve. This is how we can spot the early signs of a problem, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Dilating eye drops may be inserted before the start of your eye exam in order to provide a more detailed view. We may also use tonometry (a blue light probe or puff test) to measure intraocular pressure, which is a fast and painless way to screen for glaucoma.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics and technologies. Depending upon your personal vision requirements, we may perform additional procedures, such as OCT scans and digital retinal imaging.

Are Eye Exams for Children Different from Eye Exams for Adults?

Kids are not just smaller-sized versions of adults, and their visual system is not the same. Children have a unique set of visual needs, skills, and risk factors. As they get older and develop, they may present with vision disorders that can interfere with learning. Only a comprehensive pediatric eye exam can detect and diagnose these problems.

In general, our eye doctor will evaluate the following:

  • Visual acuity – to determine if there is a need for eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Focusing ability/Accommodation
  • Eye teaming/Binocularity
  • Visual perception skills
  • Hand-eye coordination

At Corktown Eyecare, we offer Downtown Toronto eye exams that are designed especially for kids, which Dr. Vakani administers with a friendly, gentle manner.

What Are Geriatric Eye Exams?

Geriatric eye care is a relatively new subspecialty of Optometry, and we are proud to offer these specialized services in Downtown Toronto. As you age, there is an increased need for comprehensive eye exams and advanced treatment of many common eye diseases. When performing a geriatric eye exam, our eye doctor will inspect closely for age-related ocular conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome. If we detect the signs of a problem, we will begin treatment immediately to promote the most successful outcome and preserve your healthy vision for as long as possible.

In addition to checking ocular health, Dr. Vakani will also assess visual acuity thoroughly for seniors, as untreated vision problems can put elderly individuals at an increased risk for dangerous trips and falls. Without acute vision, balance and coordination are seriously compromised. If our eye doctor diagnoses low vision, we will provide advice and assistance regarding specialized low vision aids and rehabilitation. Regular Downtown Toronto eye exams for seniors are therefore an essential foundation for a high quality of life and high level of independence.

It’s Time to Book Your Eye Exam in Downtown Toronto!

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a problem to appear before scheduling your next eye exam. Located conveniently in Downtown Toronto, next door to the flavorful Impact Kitchen, right near Cube Houses, and a short walk from Old Town Toronto, we are your leading local eye care center. Our eye doctor welcomes you to visit and see the benefits of our friendly and professional eye exams with your own eyes!