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We are staying right here for our patients during this difficult shutdown. We will continue to remain open during the shutdown for routine and urgent care We’re open for appointments. Please read our safety protocols here.

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Emergency Eye Care in Downtown Toronto

family pyramid - Emergency Eye CareWe offer emergency services that require immediate and urgent eye care. If your eye is injured, don't try to judge the severity of it. Immediately seek the opinion of an eye doctor to lessen the risk of hurting your vision. We understand ocular emergencies can arise at any time.

Please call Corktown Eyecare at for further instructions. Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel your need to find the nearest emergency room.

Eye Safety - Safety Eyewear - Eye Injury Prevention

This short video stresses the importance of knowing the hazards at home and the workplace regarding your eyes. In this video, we review a few actual incidents where people lost part or all of their vision, along with one whose vision was saved by safety eyewear.

Emergency Eye Care in Downtown Toronto

Eye emergencies happen, and they can be frightening. Instead of panicking, be prepared! If you suffer ocular trauma and eye injury, or you wake up to find your eyes are red and oozing with an eye infection, you need to know where there is an expert eye doctor near you. Corktown Eyecare is located conveniently to help you with any type of emergency eye care in Toronto – contact us immediately for help.

Whether you work or live in the neighborhood, or you’re just visiting the sites of Downtown Toronto, we are here to help; walk-ins are welcome, no appointment necessary.

Efficient & Experienced Eye Doctor Near Me

At your emergency eye clinic near me, we are qualified and experienced in providing care for many types of problems. Using precise diagnostic technologies, our eye doctor will check your eyes thoroughly when you visit for an urgent eye exam. In general, the most common eye problems that require immediate assistance are:

  • Irritation from a foreign substance or chemical
  • Corneal scratches
  • Eye infection, such as pink eye
  • Trauma or injury to the eye
  • Extreme eye allergies, with itchy eyes
  • Foreign objects stuck in the eye

Treatments - Emergency Eye Care in Toronto

Many people wonder what type of eye problems classify as an eye emergency. First of all, even if you’re not sure you have an eye emergency, we encourage you to always play it safe with your vision and reach out to us. Our staff will listen to your problem and instruct you on what to do.

Now that you know where there is a professional and compassionate emergency eye doctor near me – here is a list of some of the ocular emergencies we treat:

Eye infection – pink eye (conjunctivitis)

Pink eye can be caused by a virus or by bacteria. In the case of a bacterial infection, pink eye that is left untreated can lead to serious damage. While the symptoms of pink eye differ from person to person, the typical signs include red eye or eyelids, oozing discharge, a white or gray sore on the iris, the feeling that something is stuck in your eye, blurry vision, and increased light sensitivity. When you visit us for emergency eye care in Toronto, our eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam to diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment for eye infection, which may include antibiotic ointment or eye drops.

Foreign object stuck in the eye

Other than contact lenses, no objects should be stuck in your eye. However, sometimes small items (such as a grain of sand or a wood shaving, etc…) find their way into your eye and become lodged there. If you cannot rinse this object out with water or saline, it is important to seek immediate medical attention – our eye doctor has specialized tools to remove items safely in order to relieve your pain and prevent complications. What should you do before you are able to reach your Downtown Toronto emergency eye doctor? Most importantly - do not rub your eye, as it can scratch your cornea.

Warning:  If you think the foreign object may have pierced the outer layer of your eye, do not attempt to remove it on your own! Seek urgent medical care as soon as possible, because delaying can cause complications or vision loss.

Scratched eye – corneal abrasion

Many common objects can cause a corneal abrasion (surface scratch to your eye). A fingernail, leaves, or even the edge of piece of paper can lead to a corneal scratch.  The first thing to do if you have a scratched eye is to rinse it with water or saline. Take care not to rub your eyes or insert contact lenses until it is healed. Most of the time a corneal abrasion will heal by itself, but sometimes it can lead to an eye infection, which is why it is advised to visit for an urgent eye exam.

Floaters or flashing

Seeing floaters (they look like spots or squiggly lines) and flashers can be a normal part of aging. But the sudden appearance of new floaters can also be a sign of retinal detachment, for which you need urgent medical attention. At our emergency eye clinic near me, we will assess the cause of your floaters and flashing during a comprehensive eye exam.

Acute angle closure glaucoma (attack)

A closing or blockage of your eye’s drainage system leads to a glaucoma attack, which is classified as a medical emergency. When left untreated for a day or two, vision loss can result. If you experience the following symptoms, contact our emergency eye doctor immediately:

  • Loss of vision
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision or seeing halos around the eyes, which can occur due to corneal inflammation
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Profuse tearing


Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea, usually due to wearing contact lenses for too long. Symptoms include red eye, pain, or blurry vision, and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Iritis/ uveitis

This ocular swelling is usually caused by trauma to the eye or by systemic disease. Our optometrist will perform a thorough eye exam to recommend treatment. The symptoms include:

  • Eye pain
  • Red eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Loss of visual acuity

Fast Emergency Eye Care in Toronto

No matter what type of eye emergency you experience, our eye doctor will use skill and advanced diagnostics to assess your condition. Do not delay - contact Corktown Eyecare! We won’t make you wait to receive quality, immediate eye care from your emergency eye clinic near me.