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Protect Your Eyes with Welding Glasses

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Welding glasses are important for welders, as welding is rated as the number one cause of eye injuries. UV light from a welding torch has the potential of causing “Welder Flash” or ‘arc eye’. The flash burns welders may experience is like a sunburn in the eye.

Welding glasses have filter lenses with a shade number that provides the appropriate level of protection. A shade number indicates the intensity of light radiation that is allowed to pass through a filter lens to one’s eyes. Therefore, the higher the shade number, the darker the filter and the less light radiation that will pass through the lens.

Flash burns occur when your eyes are exposed to bright UV light. Just as you were to protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses, you should protect your eyes from welders flash with welding glasses, because it can be as if you have a sunburn in the eye. With the right care, you can prevent cornea scratching as well. This is why as a welder it is important to protect your eyes with welding glasses.

Dr. Vakani is committed to protecting his patient’s eyes. A patient of his needed a particular shade of welding glasses, one that could not be purchased at just any home improvement store, by a specific time for an exam they were taking. The patient contacted Dr. Vakani to help. When the supply house said they were not able to deliver the welding glasses, Dr. Vakani took it upon himself to drive 40 minutes in both directions to them the welding glasses up so that his patient could protect his eyes during the exam.

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